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In this age of technology, the only information a marketing website or hacker needs to access your browsing habit is your internet protocol address. That is why your email account is stuffed with various spam emails. More frightening is the fact that your personal information such as credit card CVV numbers, email and internet banking account passwords, and others can be stolen through your IP address.

Moreover, some software, like Social Autobots(http://swpic.org/SA), work the best with proxies, especially, when you are building multiple accounts at the same time. The worst thing you want to see is having your accounts banned.

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An internet protocol address is a unique set of numbers giving to you by your ISP during subscription. It performs almost similar function as your homing address; and that is why some websites log this information once you visit their web pages. That is why you need some of the IP hiding programs available online. The truth is that not even all the famous anti-virus programs available are capable of shielding your IP location from invaders. How to hide my IP address? Proxies!

A fast proxy server does not necessarily require you to download the most feature rich application out there, so just pick the one that works for you. Now you can concentrate on finding that server. If you go online you will be greeted by a plethora of sites. It is always a good idea to check out the ones on the first couple of pages that the search engine picks up. Some like to go through the latter ones, arguing that those on the initial pages are always slow.

I’ve been using this company: http://swpic.org/buyproxy for years now. They have fast and excellent proxies and customer support. Once a while if your proxies are dead or not working, you may get proxy replacement in just hours, sometimes, minutes.

Buy proxies: http://swpic.org/buyproxy
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How to use proxies on Social Autobots?

Open us the software and select the desired project; Facebook or Instagram. You may add accounts in bulk or add single account. To add proxy on to a single account, click “Add Single Account”, add your account credential and “proxy” information and save. That’s it! Your projects will run on proxies ever time until the proxies are dead.


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