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The issue with “stealing” images

Image scraping is a very serious offense. It infringes on people’s rights, violates their privacy, abuses their work and may likely expose you to unwanted legal action. This can potentially set you back from a couple hundred to thousands of dollars. Plus the time constraints and other affects it will have on your business. Many of us have either been victims of this or know someone who has. ImageSuite provides you with a simple solution so that you will never have to scrape images on Google again.

Shoot Your Site Engagement To The Roof

An image can increase the average total view of your blog post by 94%, increase your organic traffic by 60% and get you a 37% higher level of engagement over plain text. The power of visual appeal is a factor you can not ignore in your marketing efforts. An image can get you more social shares, inject humor in your blog, add color and vibrancy to your blog and make your content easier to read and remember.

First about Image Suite (today) and then about the Green Screen launch tomorrow..

Quality images with NO restrictions?

No Photoshop needed to edit them?

Here’s a WP Plugin that connects to the API of many of the image sharing sites, and includes a ton of editing tools to manipulate those images as needed.

This is a great deal, going up daily, check out Image Suite now here:

100% Free Images, No Attribution Required


Add Photo Filters, Lighting Effects And Warhol-Like Mosaics

Watch The Image Editor Features Demo (from 3:05 in the video)

Dozens Of Image Effects

ImageSuite comes with dozens of image effects you can use to adapt any image to fit within the context of your blog post. You can take an image back in time, add a soft effect, add a vintage feel, a subtle touch or get creative with over a 100 image effects in your arsenal to create the right visual scenario for your content. ImageSuite has all the image effects you need to add humor to your blog and connect emotionally with your readers.

ImageSuite 2.0 Review: on June 1, 2015 rated 4.6 of 5