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Send your purchase receipt to: info@swpic.org and we’ll process your rebate ASAP.

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Here’s How You Make Money With LeadGadget

Use LeadGadget to drive more traffic and get more leads to your CPA offers, your own offers, or Amazon. LeadGadget works great for Lead Generation and putting eyeballs to your Pay Per Call / Pay Per Lead promotions.

Consultants and Agencies, this is your chance to be a hero! Push organic, cheap traffic to unlimited client products and services.

Free, organic traffic means you KEEP your money, giving you huge ROI!

The Possibilities Are Endless

Done For You Content

Search Engines love content and it doesn’t get any easier than Done For You. Now, with a few keyboard strokes you have access to over 2.5 million pieces of done for you content! LeadGadget makes it easy to connect to Copyscape and SpinRewriter so you never have to go outside the LeadGadget system. We’ve made it super easy to recycle and clone successful content so you never have to reinvent the wheel.

Once you have your hot new content in place, just deploy your new sites with a few quick clicks.

Now you have everything you need to DOMINATE an entire page of Google! (Feel the Google LOVE!)

HyperTargeting for More Quality Traffic and Better Results

Now you can target by keyword, city and state to help you rank on the first page of Google for your niche. Using your newly indexed 30,000 pages you’ll appear in local market search for your field. With our new zip code radius targeting you have the power to laser-target relevant traffic. You get more local, loyal buyers ready to open up their wallets. Consultants, Ad Agencies and Local Business Owners —— imagine the avalanche of cash rolling in with this hyper targeting.

Detailed Web Stats

You get exact numbers on web visitors. You can view data by month, week, daily visits!

CloudFlare – Done For You!

Google ranks you higher if your site loads fast. CloudFlare makes your sites load with lightning speed. LeadGadget creates your CloudFlare Accounts FOR YOU. Fast loading pages result in user retention, keeping HOT LEADS on your site.

LeadGadget Does ALL the Heavy Lifting!

No Tech Skills Required

That’s right. No technical skill ever needed. You don’t even need to know code. Follow a few simple steps and your sites are up and running! You also get detailed video tutorials to help you point by point. If you ever get stuck on a technical issue, World Class Customer Support is always just a few clicks away!

Rapidly Index your newly deployed sites with new “Promote” button. Get indexed by Google with lightning speed!

Get Answers

The LeadGadget Team gives you unparalleled support. We’re here to help every step of the way. Our clients enjoy detailed training on weekly LIVE webinars, where we reveal everything you need to know about maximizing the power of LeadGadget. And of course you have unlimited access to our detailed Video Libraries and tutorials. With our top notch, highly responsive customer service you’ll never feel lost.

This Product Will Change the Way You Look at Online Marketing


Measurable Results

When you use LeadGadget you will see a surge in visitor traffic. Your sites get indexed and ranked – FAST. Your sites show up in organic HIGH VALUE searches, so real users can search and find your sites.

WP-Overlayer plug-in

WP-Overlayer allows you to display your high converting pages for lead generation and affiliate commissions, as an Overlay on your ATM site. So when people visit the ATM site that is ranking in the search engines, they actually see the site that is overlayed on top of the site.

You can activate the Lightning Fast WP Overlayer on your deployed sites. The end user won’t even notice the difference of specific pages or posts from the overlay.

And there’s nothing to fear. This is 100% Safe – Stealth Technology that won’t hurt your rankings! LeadGadget is perfect for Internet Marketers, Affiliate Marketers, E-commerce Stores, Content Marketers, CPA Marketers, Offline Businesses and Bloggers!

Your new sites are 100% Mobile Responsive… with this text: Your new sites are 100% Mobile Responsive, ensuring a great user experience on any device!

What’s Needed to Get Started?

High-speed Internet, Cable or DSL, 6 mbps or higher

Chrome, Firefox, Safari or Explorer browser

Facebook and Skype account -free version (recommended to maximize the group support in the Fast Action Bonuses)

A Computer running: Mac Osx, Windows XP,ME,7,8,10, or Linux

Server with Ubuntu 14.04 64 bit

Don’t have a server? We’ll connect you with a service to hold your hand through the set up process.

Fast Action Bonus #1: Private Skype Group Membership

When you ask a question you get rapid-fire answers from everyday LeadGadget users, including veteran marketers with years of insight under their belt!

Fast Action Bonus #2: Private Facebook Mastermind Membership

Marketers just like you share insider knowledge, tips and tricks so you can fully utilize the power of LeadGadget. Leverage Facebook group to explore marketing and partnership opportunities.

Fast Action Bonus #3: LeadGadget’s Exclusive Graphics Creator

Graphics creator inside the LeadGadget lets you create unique and gorgeous images and stunning infographics, so you’ll never have to rely on overused stock photos!

Fast Action Bonus #4: Private Mastermind Forum Membership

Marketers just like you share knowledge, tips and tricks.

Our team is there to help too! We are invested in YOUR SUCCESS!

Failure Is Impossible with LeadGadget!

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How do you get $25 on your first payment?
Send your purchase receipt to: info@swpic.org and we’ll process your rebate ASAP.
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