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I absolutely LOVE when I see a new piece of tech, and instantly know that I or ANYONE could take it, run it and sell the result to their clients for $497pm.
Most local marketers I know struggle to offer services that get them paid month after month.
Especially when clients want lead gen.
Mostly then – no one has the right tech to generate autopilot leads.
And here’s the cool part – with what I am about to show you – you can set it up on client site and it squeezes out new leads using the power of video

Watch a demo here:

Earlier today, Neil showed me the power of Video Lead Box – and I was absolutely blown away.
This smart software combines the power of video + lead gen to:
– Build drag and drop templates
– Grab leads based on exit intent, on scroll and other events
– Build 2-step optins
– Build custom funnels (NEW – Never seen before)
– Create Mobile ready popups
– 30 readymade templates
– and more…

Click HERE To Get Video Lead Box For A Special Discount & Bonus I think the Mobile popups is the BEST feature of the lot – whatever lead gen capability you create for your clients can be instantly optimized.
Local businesses want these kinds of lead capture options on their site – now you can be the one to offer this at a monthly recurring price (you control everything on your end – so if client stops paying, you stop the lead capture).
Check out all the features here:

We’ve never seen anything like this. This is like – “leadpages for smart lead capture”.
Its cool and the editor is out of this world.
I’d recommend giving it a good look and also grabbing all the bonuses you see on that page.
I am getting a copy of this myself!
Grab it here:

Click To Preview All Bonus You Will Get…
Video Lead Box Review on May 1, 2015 rated 4.7 of 5