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Have you noticed a huge trend in whiteboard videos in the recent
year? Even big online companies like Google, Facebook and
Amazon are using Whiteboard Videos.


You know why?

Because they work. They can express your business in a fun
and persuasive way, where your viewers get to be relaxed and
entertained. It is a super engagement where your prospects
are not threatened by too many boring texts, graphs and numbers.

Instead, they are brought into the friendly world of cartoons
and animation.

And the end result? People will like and buy from you. And that
means growing your business faster and selling easier than ever

Why do you need whiteboard video packs graphics?

But here’s the problem…

If you’ve tried crafting your own story before, from doodling
the visuals, to finding the right animation effects and music
files, then you already know the problems. Gathering all these
tools can be complex and become too much of a time hassle…
and not to mention, cost a lot of money!

Don’t let this happen to you. Now you can finally craft a
highly engaging story from start to finish with all the
video tools you need!

[Whiteboard Video Packs Bonus] http://swpic.org/bonus-whiteboard-video-packs/

Whiteboard Video Packs is a big bundle of 527 ready made
video and graphics that will give you pretty much all the
tools you need to create an impactful whiteboard video story.

You get a massive library of:

1. Multi-Colored Whiteboard SVGs (to stand out from the crowd!)
2. Vector Animated Video Backgrounds
3. Vector Animated Elements
4. Vector Animated Transition Effects
5. HD Background Images
6. Royalty Free Music

And the best part is… you get all these ready-made whiteboard tools
for under twenty bucks (during early bird)

[Whiteboard Video Packs Bonus] http://swpic.org/bonus-whiteboard-video-packs/

More reasons why it’s a great deal:
– You no longer need to pay expensive outsource fees to
unreliable vendors

– Compatible all the top video and graphics editors

– Good for all kinds of videos like: Video Sales Letters,
Explainer videos, Self Promos, etc

– Can also be used on websites and print projects.

– Created by Kayte-Lee and Ashley who are known for their
premium quality graphics and videos assets

AND I’ve put together a HUGE bonus package that will get you
even more graphics, video assets and tools. The bonus pack
alone is worth several hundred bucks in REAL value.

Go grab the early bird and my bonuses at:

Official Whiteboard Video Packs: http://swpic.org/WhiteVP


get early bird access



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